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Company history

Drawing up your company history

The work of companies always rests on two fundamental pillars: origin and development. Not only development as such, but the personalities who make up the company may create a very specific and unique sphere, which may be subsumed under the expression of business culture. Over the years certain traditions manifest themselves, supporting the growing identification with the company's philosophy; a combination, which promotes long-lasting and reliable customer-relations. In this respect, close interrelations between business culture and success on the market are generally stated.

Immersing in the history of your company and drawing up a characteristic profile will uncover the positive effects of your business culture. I provide the following services:

  • investigation of the historical development of your company,
  • biographies of the company founder, the owner and of members who rendered outstanding service to your company,
  • examinations regarding social and cultural engagements of your company, e.g. sponsoring,
  • finding answers to questions about certain brand names, inventions and patents.

Sometimes it may be advantageous, sometimes necessary to widen the angle of vision on your company, in order to see it embedded in more general socio-historic developments. Among others, the problematic issue of a responsible dealing with the National Socialist past of some companies - comprising both, their owners and their staff - may be mentioned here.
The results of my research will be presented in the following forms, which you may choose from: research report, independent publication, CD-ROM, multimedia presentation, academic report or lecture.


Packaging bag by the Lehmann family about 1930

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